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Foreign movies . Part 2 . American unformat It will focus on American independent cinema. In theory, an independent film can exist in any country of the world - without much straining under this stamp you can combine any purported special " author's view ," a movie made ​​out of the existing system of filmmaking , with a minimum cost and with little hope for a commercial rental . However, most often the term "independent " is defined American cinema produced outside of the Hollywood Empire. Why I do not like the products of Hollywood ? And because it is a product that is in the truest sense of the word put out by stamping, which even if they invest a certain skill , it is not invested a single drop of soul. The aim of Hollywood movies - to provide people with spectacles . "Bread and circuses ". McDonald's and Hollywood successfully embodied the old dream of the plebs . Film production in Hollywood was originally conceived as a project that should be paid back , creativity and inspiration, there is no per gram ( just be inspired by future profits, ) . Therefore, movies so predictable , sleek , politically correct , stuffed with the usual stamps and do not contain GMOs and harmful additives . This is a mentally clean ( empty ) product aimed at feeding the crowd , so it did not distract suddenly some " leftist" thinking. And that these thoughts do not arise at all , the mind of the average consumer to kompaktnenko compressed to form asshole - and it is easy to do just by using the pop industry . Reared on the Hollywood pop music fecal masses will happily run a herd of the direction the arrow is pointing. Very convenient, is not it? And it is most convenient by the participants of the herd. There is this kind of buzz - glad things are going the planned route ( including film) , there will be no surprises for you all decide and thus also fed rzhake . Just do not stray too far from the trough . Independent film is , on the contrary , is to cut off public opinion, hits like a Zen master 's head with a stick , so glancing learned to see , not just look . These "independent" - those who bravely experimenting with ideologies and artistic methods and deadly intentionally bypassed with conservative values. If kinovyser Hollywood film focuses only on fighting off nested in the Bab and profit , the independent cinema is often removed with the money themselves as directors and therefore it opens up opportunities for self-actualization . Independent filmmakers can think more about the artistry and self-expression and less - about the future box office . This is what attracted me to these movies because marvel extruded plastic, which I politely vtyuhivayut a Canadian company, I still have not learned , even if the touch and it is indistinguishable from diamonds.

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