Movie - for fun or for profit ? The fourth time watching this movie and I must tell you that today the actors played as never before. Faina Ranevskaya . Movie - the whole world. World beautiful and horrible , funny and sad , good and evil , color and black and white. This is a world of history and modernity , reality and fairy tales, love and hate. Movies like all the young and old , for watching a movie - a fun and educational process . Cinema is a pleasure , leisure brightens , uplifting , or , on the contrary , leads to sad thoughts . Cinema is able to cause the viewer a variety of emotions - laughter and tears , sadness and joy. Is not that why we watch movies ? It turns out that the movie can be watched not only to experience a lot of emotions , have fun or to raise general awareness , but also to heal. The method of using film as a distinctive therapeutic metaphor underlies kinoterapii ( kinotreninga ) . It is believed to have invented this technique psychotherapist from London Bernie Vuder . He recommends that patients who have a variety of emotional problems , watch movies . Kinoterapiya - this is a group viewing of movies and subsequent discussion. In the process of watching the movie and analysis of their own perception of his images participant kinotreninga explores his personal characteristics . Kinoterapiya - a creative process of self-knowledge , after which it becomes possible to move towards a conscious corrective action . Kinoterapiya helps people better understand themselves and others , learn to manage your life . Kinotreningah on various methods of analysis of films : the interpretation of the story , immersion in a metaphor , work with symbols and their meanings , spontaneous discussion , etc. Very important is the correct selection of films for group viewing. Dr. Vuder recommends the following films : the lack of willpower - "Rocky" with Stallone for the lost loved one - "Ghost" , in case of fatigue from life - "Don Juan DeMarco ." Women , insecure , will help the movie " Shirley Valentine ." "Educating Rita" , according Vudera , will relieve the boredom . If the relationship has matured crisis , it is necessary to watch films " Before the Dawn " and " Before Sunset ." And today we have many psychological centers provide such training . If you love movies and want to dive into the creative process of self-discovery , you will like the sessions kinoterapii . If you do not have the time or ability to attend kinotreningi , engaged kinoterapiey own. On this therapy to the rule of " treat yourself - cripple yourself " does not apply ! Film teaches - to look , to see , to think, to understand . There are movies that are not forgotten after watching - turning off the TV or coming out of the theater , the audience continues to think , to analyze, to represent yourself in the place of heroes, to think about what he would do in a similar situation . These films are not just a spectator watching - he lives all the events along with its characters, with them rejoices and suffers , loves and hates . Therefore, it is important to keep track of which movies are watching our children . Cinema deeply affects the children's and teenage audiences in the social, moral and psychological aspects. For young viewers movie becomes a model of stereotypes of thought, manners , way of life.

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