Weekend Collection: Cocktail, Bol Bachchan, Gangs of Wasseypur (July 16)

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1st weekend Collection by Cocktail:

Bollywood Box office Collection In 2007 Darabont resumed his film King, but this time instead of prison subjects he chose a rather questionable from a literary point of view the story " Rain ." The film , released in cinemas in Russia under the name " Mist" , turned out dampness, hasty and , in spite of great psychological insight and an atmosphere of fear of the unknown , as a whole failed. Especially those who read the story itself , was surprised by the ending of a picture, which Darabont remade , and so poorly. However, the greatest devotion to the creations of King showed not Frank Darabont and Mick Harris , who for more than ten times ( as a director and producer ) has worked with the works of the author. Unfortunately, the number is in no way resulted in quality. Even the most well-known of his film " Sleepwalkers » (Sleepwalkers, 1992) and the miniseries "Confrontation » (The Stand, 1994) can not boast of impeccable taste and love for the literary original. The very same writer who is rumored to be a low opinion of Harris , especially after it emerged between creative differences on the set of " confrontation ." However, Harris continues to get the rights to the film adaptation of King's and in 2011 is preparing to release a TV movie " bag of bones » (Bag of Bones, 2011) . It is much more intimate and friendly relations with other King's director, Craig R. Baxley . However , despite this, the talent in Baxley is clearly smaller than that of the same Darabont , so no miniseries " Storm of the Century " or the television production of " House " Red Rose " were not big hits , even by television standards. But the TV series " Kingdom Hospital " (2004) can be considered as successful, although in this case the King was copying other people's ideas , as this project is a remake of the miniseries by Lars von Trier .
Friday: 10.80 cr
Saturday: 11.70 cr
Sunday: 13.20 cr*
How to star in a movie? One day of shooting extras. Part 2: Chasing the train continued until the afternoon. Crowd , tired of waiting for its release , loiter in its limited area. Someone was sunbathing at the fountain , some crossword puzzles on the steps of the station, and someone ran to spend future royalties on chips and soda. Using a long pause , I went to meet with the "brothers in misfortune ." - What led you to shoot ? - I came here out of curiosity - shared with me the employee seaport Yuri. Never participated in such events. And, frankly , is a little disappointed : a chore it all. - I just love Keira Knightley , so when I heard about the shooting , she decided that at any cost here get, join the conversation accountant Larissa. - Ready to shoot even for free , just to see their idol up close. - I have the second day of the holiday . I did not know what to take home . Then this shoot ... - says a primary school teacher Natasha . - Here come. But Irina Nikolaevna and her son Alexei was a professional interest . They do not know firsthand about the acting profession . Alex - a theater DYUTS , Irina - his mentor in all endeavors. - Of all the hobbies that we tried (football , chess , drawing) , theater drew most - Irina told me . - Maybe it's because that heredity spoke. Our great-grandmother , Anastasia Boyar , in the 30s was the lead actress of the Krasnodar operetta. By the way, this is what I learned from the memoirs of his grandfather . Began casting the female half of the extras on the role of cashier and janitor . - I wonder why they would be the real teller and the cleaning lady did not take off ? Oh, they just know their job and do not get lost in the frame - we talked to each other until the expected selection. And the choice fell on the workers do w / station. The role of the cashier at the ticket office of the chief asked to perform . Total extras needed only after the lunch break, at four o'clock . We built the first pair to make it easier to count. Then on 10 people started to run to the train station . Assistant director immediately distributed roles

Total business by GOW is  26.50 cr nett by 3rd week.

That's all for last weekend, will meet back on Thursday with new films & new reviews. Till then Stay Happy.

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