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Makkhi Movie Review

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Makkhi Movie Review
Makkhi Review
At one time, Wie seemed that he would leave her alone - far from it! Arthur had divorced his wife and made Vey go with him to the registrar. And then he graciously allowed to love yourself ! There are husbands who consider it below their dignity to go to the king's store to shop , cook dinner , even if it is not romantic, without candles , take out the trash . And as dishwashing scared as hell incense. In this case, the wife is no different from the role of a servant. Approximately in the binding pleased and Wii . While on the set called her the queen -
Star Cast: Sudeep, Samantha Prabhu, Naveen
Directed By: S S Rajamouli
Genre: Drama-Comedy
Runtime: 2hrs. 10mins

12 Critic Review(s) | Avg Rating: 3.8/5

CNN IBN: Review By Rajeev Masand
Rating: 4/5
He was not about what I wanted and who I 'd like to have around , but I resigned . Yes ... The fate of my all failed. But totally happy I myself have never felt . Perhaps because of good female happiness I ever had. I was not spared . In addition to her mother. The men were not there . There was an actor.
Bollywood Hungama: Review By Taran Adarsh
Rating: 4/5
mother and Latvia , in private life , she had to not only raise two children ( a son and a daughter) , but also in every possible way to try to appease its largest child - Arthur. She even started to think about divorce , but quickly realized - without it , he quite lost ! Oh , this women's shame! And straight, does not tolerate any word of a lie Wii once confessed : "

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  1. sukhwinder sandy11:32 AM

    Makkhi is a silent love story of a couple Jani and Bindu who unfortunately could not be united thanks to the vile intentions of Sudeep who murders Jani. But love is beyond boundaries and Jani is reincarnated as Makkhi (a house fly). How Jani reveals himself to Bindu and finally avenges his death makes for a wonderful watching. Must watch Makkhi-Movie.


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