Gattu Movie Review

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Gattu Movie Review
Gattu Movie Review Anupama Chopra
Ojha's Opinion: Its an encouraging tale of a kid named Gattu. His dream kites fly high in the sky & so as the film Gattu. It bends to show up emotions, smiles & finally leaving you thinking about new branches of bollywood.
Star Cast: Mohammad Samad, Naresh Kumar, Jayanta Das
Directed By: Rajan Khosa
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1hr. 20min.

10 Critic Review(s) | Avg Rating: 3.3/5

CNN IBN: By Rajeev Masand
Rating: 3/5
Gattu is an optimistic and uplifting tale of an orphaned street kid and the one great passion that keeps his spirit alive even in the bleakest of times. Gattu won a special mention at the Berlin International Film Festival in February this year. It’s the kind of charming film that’ll feature on critics’ year-end lists of movies you should have watched but probably didn’t. Do yourself a favor – don’t miss it........Read Full Review
zoOm Review Show: By Omar Qureshi
Rating:  3.5/5

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Bollywood Hungama: By Taran Adarsh
Rating: 3/5
A film like GATTU speaks to both, the kids and adults. Films like these, which aren't made to appease the box-office, but cater to a different audience, ought to be encouraged. For, there's life beyond zany entertainers as well!......Read Full Review
Times of India: By
Raing: 3.5/5

Mohammad Samad's performance is heart-warming, with wonder in his eyes and playful innocence he grabs all your attention. Gattu is a must-watch for children of all ages (read: grown-ups even more). And if you think you're too grown up for a kiddie film, go fly a kite. We should just let the little one's in us rule the world.........Read Full Review
Hindustan Times: By Gautam Bhaskaran 
Raing: 3/5
Gattu, at 82 minutes, is a charming look at a street boy whose passion for flying kites gets him into the stickiest of situations. Using humour, Khosa builds a script which is beautifully balanced, and without the usual clichéd pitfalls......Read Full Review : By Preeti Arora
Rating: 3.5/5
The film runs for 82 minutes and the pace doesn't flag even for a single minute. Gattu carries the film on his slender shoulders alone. Gattu is a must watch for all but most especially cynics who believe 'there is no hope for any of us'. It took Gattu just a little less than two hours to prove it.......Read Full Review
Indian Express: Shubhra Gupta
Rating: 3.5/5
It is so rare to see real children in our movies that 'Gattu', produced by the Childrens Film Society Of India which has had a long history of making didactic and preachy ‘children’s films’ and which is now clearly breaking out of it, seems like a gift........Read Full Review
Rating: Thumbs Up
Gattu carries forward the recent trend of sensible, intelligent funny and moving films about child protagonists, namely Taare Zameen Par, I Am Kalam and Stanley Ka Dabba. Add one more film to that luminous list of cinema on little wonders.......Read Full Review
DNA: By Blessy Chettiar
Rating: 3/5
Gattu is charming film, starring an equally charming protagonist whose obsession is flying kites. Nothing about Gattu is fancy, except the pretty kites, flown with the help CGI effects. These soaring papers of happiness symbolise many things the deprived are not even aware of. Gattu scores high on the emotional quotient. It leaves you with a smile on your face........Read Full Review

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