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Teri Meri Kahaani Review Preview Poster Story Cast Crew Runtime Synopsis and all about the movieTeri Meri Kahaani Preview, Review, Synopsis:

Tag Line: Thrice upon a Love Story

Myers never thought about the motives of their actions. In the new century, the famous musician Rob Zombie revived the franchise took off for two new " Halloween ", in which he tried to explain animal cruelty and obsession of the main " hero" . 4 . Hannibal Lecter (" Silence of the Lambs" , 1991). A brilliant psychologist , Dr. Hannibal Lecter combined business with pleasure. At first he treats his patients from mental disorders , and then , of course, if the patient is worthy eats it with a bottle of Chianti. His passion for self-reflection and challenging but spectacular Kill became his trademark. Anthony Hopkins received for the role of "Oscar " (which does not happen often with negative characters ) , and then again returned to the hero in the movie " Hannibal ." 5 . Freddy Krueger (" A Nightmare on Elm Street" , 1984). This killer with the burned face has one distinctive feature - it is a nightmare to his victims and killing them in a dream , and the reality of killing . Distinguishing features: a battered hat, a dirty red and green sweater, iron glove with blades , razors and endless sarcasm . Kruger was not always so , it was once a common pedophile , while angry parents who disagree with the verdict of acquittal the court, did not burn him alive. But the story is not over, but has only begun , for now Freddie is immortal , and his world - mad world of dreams - subject only to himself . 6. Jason Voorhees (" Friday the 13th - 2" , 1981). Since we have mentioned my mother (paragraph 2), and his son will not forget . Especially since the offspring is clearly surpassed by the degree of sadism and its parent bitterness . Drowned in adolescence , Jason rose from the dead in the form of Mogutnov man and began to take revenge to those who , in his opinion , was responsible for the death of his beloved mother . And found guilty of all those who appeared in sight. At first, Jason chose to wear on his head dusty bag with slits for eyes , and then picked up the legendary hockey mask and a machete. So he remembered all the fans of this franchise . 7. The Ghost ( "Scream" , 1996). Sooner or later in the movie was supposed to be a maniac cinephile . And he appeared . With a light hand of the creator of Freddy Krueger , Wes Craven . This serial killer particularly polite - he calls his first victim and hosts a quiz on the subject of horror movies , which is more like interrogation . Of course, the victim is often less erudite , that costs her life. The murderer , whose adventures have become the object of the whole trilogy , put it: "Cinema does not create killers , it only makes them creative people ." 8. Norman Bates ( "Psycho" , 1960). The famous Alfred Hitchcock and his most famous film "Psycho" are the progenitors of the genre " slasher " in its current form. Black-and- white film about a quiet, nondescript motel owner (Anthony Perkins ) , who loves his mother.

Gangs of Wasseypur Preview, Review Synopsis:

Gangs of Wasseypur Preview Review Trailer Hunter Poster Story Synopsis Cast and crew and everything about the movie
And killing the guests , no matter what it says on his mom . Has become a classic of the cinema scene in the shower, which is copied hundreds of movies - from horror to comedy parody . 9. Candyman (" Candyman ", 1992) . Urban legend says: "If five times while looking in the mirror, say his name , he'll appear and you rasporet meat hook ." Wanting to try this trick , as it turned out , a dime a dozen . Fear and horror accompany stories about Candyman , and these emotions are always fueled his existence in both worlds - ours and the beyond . Want to doubt ? Say his name five times. And wait . 10 . Chucky ( Charles Lee Ray ) (" Child's Play ", 1988-2004 ) .

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