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My Word:  That's not what 220m student think(the tag line suggests so). Its a sheer waste of time. The film goes no-where. 12 songs just add the film to one more boring bollywood movie like Whats my Rashee.

But the mistake. In fact , Timur Bekmambetov has long been not remove their films , and producing . Film-making process led by Leo Gabriadze - " violinist " from the movie "Kin -dza -dza ! ". First, striped ribbon separated from the onlookers only platform, then it moved to the level of the station , well, then completely wrapped it all but the forecourt . This snout yes foyer station and began to haunt us until the end of the shooting day . And at this time on the platform yet again Keira Knightley in a suit the groom catching the train and jump into the last car . Where , apparently , and met his rehearsed phrases of our lucky extras.

Times of India: By Allen O'Brien
Rating: 2.5/5
When doubles with Khabensky ended and he finally gave the rest, the train ran Alexei Buldakov . In full uniform , in a general's uniform , he strode down the platform , waving his retreating train an officer 's cap and something distracting shouting after him . We have lost count by counting the number of duplicates. And sympathetically discussed among themselves : "What should be the same physical training and endurance to prodelyvat this ? "

Times of India: By Gaurav Malani
Rating: Poor 1/5
Via Artmane why in Latvia it was called the queen of the movie? August 21, 1929 , 80 years ago , in a remote area under Tukums (Latvia ) Artmane Anna gave birth to a daughter, named Alida . Looking for a newborn daughter , Anna thought bitterly , what it can be expected? Did not want the girl repeated her own destiny ... Anna herself was born in a family that had never experienced prosperity, and a girl, barely reached adolescence, went rotten on the neighbor's farm , where they lived wealthy German colonists .

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