Maximum Movie Review

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Maximum Movie Review

Maximum 2012 Movie Review By Rajeev Masand Taran Adarsh Komal Nahta Raja Sen Anupama Chopra Omar Qureshi zoOm Review Show Mayank Shekhar TOIOjha's Opinion:
Anna was a very hard-working , no one ever saw her sad, and she soon turned his head not one local guy. But she herself went to the heart son of the farm owners , 19 -year-old Fritz . It must be said that he loved the girl. He tried to give a hint about getting married parents , but they did not listen and were as follows: Come to this " oborvanka " was German , and that her parents are Polish ! Their fate is divorced , barely connecting ... But Fritz was very persistent , especially after learning that Anna became pregnant . He married Anna , however, the young couple continued to live under the shelter of her husband's parents . One day, when the young woman was five months pregnant , she went to the well to draw water . Suddenly the canopy above him broke. Anna called her husband , that he looked at what happened. Fritz did not call anyone for help, and he tried to fix the canopy into place. Boyish folly ? It may very well be ! Canopy did not yield , and the young man ruptured . He spent a few days in bed , hoping that everything will be fine , but the gap of the internal organs was incompatible with life.

Star Cast: Sonu Sood, Naseeruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak, Hazel Keech (Item Song)
Directed By: Kabeer Kaushik
Genre: Crime Drama
Runtime/Duration: 1hr. 48mins.
In Theatres: June 29, 2012
Banner: Vainteya Films

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  18 Ext. Reviews | Avg Rating: 1.75/5

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CNN IBN: By Rajeev Masand
Rating:  1.5/5
Went from farm to farm in the hope that someone will give them a job and a piece of bread. Anne had to get up at first light , and to finish his work at nightfall . A girl at the time was on her own . Until then , until she was ten years old - from now Alida identified shepherdess - to watch a herd of cows. Much later , when Alida elect themselves a different name
Bollywood Hungama: By Taran Adarsh
Rating:  2/5
Bitterly mourned the death of her husband , Anna , and wanted to leave immediately from the farm , but the father- in-law does not let go : they are very much looking forward to what will be born grandson . And when the light appeared granddaughter , did not hide his disappointment . And once pointed out to Anna and her daughter on the doorstep ! And then - life farmhand .

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  1. abhishek neha9:05 AM

    Movie Maximum was unable to connect,Too much of charectors in the film,Kabeer Kaushik Again Failed In His Next,Crime Thriller.Film prove To Be Big Failure.Very Poor Art work sometime film was going away from the Plot.Rating *1\2.Don't Waste your Maximum money In Minimum Interest.


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